Q. Why is there only one question in the FAQ, and why is it about the FAQ?

A. It’s recursive and I think it’s funny.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Maybe you can help me remember a movie title.
    The plot begins with the president or Vice President staying at a hotel. Terrorist breach the hotel via sub basement and overrun the hotel. The blow up the helicopter on the roof and light fire to the ground floors – all to trap the president (or whatever leader is in the show). The good guys escape via freight elevators to the subbasement and go out the same hole the bad guys made. The remainder of the show they are pursued underground in tunnels and picked off on at a time. Until the final scene has one agent left that hails the president up a ladder out a male hole and onto the street. A single bad guy follows and is about to kill them both when he is killed. The crowd recognizes who is lying in the street and they step up to protect as well.

    If you can remember the title of this I’d be appreciative.

    • So I’ve been thinking about this and I can’t come up with it. Is it a movie or a television show? Also, do you remember what country it is set it or which actors are in it?

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