You are probably wondering what kind of movie review site this is if you’ve poked around a bit already.  This is not a movie review site like Rotten Tomatoes.  What I do here is take a movie and go through it in small segments to pick out every thing that is wrong with it.  Not ever movie is bad enough for this treatment, only the truly dreadful.  The main reviews will be broken up into 3-10 minute segments, with a brief synopsis of what happens in the movie during that time frame, followed by analysis of that part of the film.  Where feasible, I will embed video for that part of the movie. Yes, since I am going through the entire movie, there will be spoilers.

For ease of navigating the full reviews, there are links to each chapter at the top of each page.  At the end of each chapter, there is a link that takes you back to the top, where you can click on any chapter and move around as desired.

The mini reviews are just simple essays on a major plot flaw or two from a movie that really ruins it.

I am not saying these movies aren’t entertaining or that people shouldn’t enjoy them. I’m just saying they’re stupid as made.

I will say that this idea did not originate with me. My first exposure to this sort of thing was from the guys who did “slow roll”‘s. Their site is no longer up, but to prove it existed, here is the husk of their twitter account. Another inspiration for this site came from Intuitor’s movie reviews.

If you have any questions, complaints, or compliments you can always leave a comment on the particular page or e-mail me at

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